Colorado Springs, Colo. (Aug. 28, 2019) – USA Ultimate announced today revisions to the eligibility guidelines that govern competition in its college division, specifically to the types of events that start an athlete’s five years of eligibility in the division. 

Going forward, beginning with events on or after June 1, 2013, the only events that will start an athlete’s college eligibility clock are:

  • Championship series level events.
    • College and club championship series events (i.e., conference championships, sectional championships, regional championships, Beach Championships).
  • Club regular-season events.
  • College-level events sanctioned by USA Ultimate.
  • Select team WFDF World Championship events in the under-24 age division or higher.
  • Any events equivalent to those listed above that are sanctioned by a national governing body other than USA Ultimate.

Youth club team participation in the adult club regular season is also now excluded from starting an athlete’s participation eligibility.

Previously, participation in any non-youth sanctioned event started an athlete’s college eligibility, unless they had not yet graduated from high school. The changes most significantly affect students who have or will take a gap year between high school graduation and entering college and casual league players who have not participated in USA Ultimate’s competitive seasons. 

Also of note in the revised eligibility rules, internet and correspondence courses no longer need to be approved by the college eligibility committee. University and college registrars can now approve that coursework toward eligibility. 

The USA Ultimate College Working Group, which includes the national directors for Division I and Division III – Jeff Kula, Beth Nakamura, Kevin Kula and Grace Kiel – as well as National Developmental College Coordinator Amy Hudson and USA Ultimate College Manager Tom Manewitz. The ensuing months were used to gather substantial feedback from community members, including several USA Ultimate members who were in the process of eligibility inquiries, and the College Eligibility Working Group. The final revisions to the eligibility rules were approved by the College Working Group this month. 

The changes will go into effect beginning with the 2020 college season. 

More information about USA Ultimate’s college eligibility rules, including these new changes, is available on the USA Ultimate website.