2024 WJUC

Team USA is set to take on the world at the 2024 WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships.

USA Ultimate Strategic Plan

After a year of planning and acquiring community feedback, USA Ultimate revealed its roadmap for the future of ultimate in America.

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Discover a sport where Character, Community and Competition are all as balanced as a disc in flight.


Spirit of the Game

Ultimate places the responsibility of fair play solely on the athletes themselves by requiring each player to know the rules and make their own calls, even at the sport’s highest level.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In valuing the contributions and perspectives that a truly diverse community provides our sport and its culture, we are committed to increasing access to and participation in the sport.


Play and compete at all levels.

From grassroots, local tournaments to elite-level world championships, we cover the spectrum of ultimate. Our Youth, College, Club, Masters, Beach and Team USA programs offer something for everyone.

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We Live Ultimate

Ultimate: A place where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, shape, skin color or anything else that tries to box people in. A place where Character, Community and Competition are all as balanced as a disc in flight. We don’t just play ultimate. We #LiveUltimate

Grit & Grace

What would it look like if a sport didn’t mean a choice? Between beauty and brutality. Style and steel. Between calling yourself out and clawing to stay in. What if there was a game that found balance? Between spirit and sport. Agony and elation. Long live #Grit&Grace.

Pull Together

Ultimate is 50 years young and still a perfect circle of fair play, athletic pursuit and camaraderie. In fact, ultimate was a social network before social networks even existed. The revolution of the disc in flight continues to prove there’s nothing we can’t achieve when we #PullTogether.

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