How to Compete

Ultimate 201


There are many offensive strategies in ultimate, including the two most popular: vertical stack and horizontal stack.


Good defense is essential to winning games. Many parts make up a good defense, including a team’s ability to play both reliable person and zone defense.


Good defense starts with a good mark.

Compete with Your High School Team

Compete with Your Club Team

Youth Contacts

Name Position Phone
Dan Raabe Director – Youth Programs (719) 219-8322 x116
Josh Murphy Manager, Competition & National Team Programs (719) 219-8322
Gervon Williams Manager, EDI and Youth Engagement (719) 219-8322
Sam Callan Manager, Youth and Education Programs (719) 219-8322 x115
Amelia Cuarenta Girls’ National Outreach Director
Antonia Van Twisk Regional Youth Director (Central)
Jack Kennedy Regional Youth Director (Northeast)
Jamie Wolf Regional Youth Director (South)
Joe Strong Regional Youth Director (West)
Andrew Schwartz Youth Eligibility Chair



Use this manual to learn some introductory ultimate skills and drills.

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More skills and drills to learn some introductory ultimate skills and drills.

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Learn some of ultimate’s most essential skills using these how-to cue cards.

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Map of current youth club regions.

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