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Support Your Child’s Team


Become a coach.

One of the most impactful ways to support your child’s team is to become a coach.

Find out more.


Become a chaperone.

Youth teams competing at USA Ultimate sanctioned and championship events have to include at least one chaperone on their roster. Help out by becoming a chaperone for your child’s team.

Learn more about becoming a chaperone.


Build a cheering section!

Spread the word about games and team activities throughout your community. Encourage others to come out and support the team!

Athlete Safety

Find out what USA Ultimate is doing to protect all athletes.



The sport of ultimate broken down into the 10 basics.

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En Español

Ultimate explicado en los 10 fundamentos.

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A guide explaining the basics of ultimate, specifically for new spectators.

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Spirit of the Game

A comic for kids and parents explaining the “science” of Spirit of the Game.

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Details about becoming a chaperone and the accompanying responsibilities.

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The Youth Ultimate Starter Guide has tips, tricks, rules adaptations and fun games to help get youth excited about the sport of ultimate.

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