Why Coach?

A Meaningful Impact

The benefits of coaching positively impact coaches and athletes alike. For the coaches, it’s challenging and rewarding and leads to personal development. It provides an opportunity to become a part of the ultimate community, or remain connected to the sport in a meaningful way. Coaching is critical to the growth of ultimate – particularly at the youth and local levels. For the athlete, coaches not only teach skills, drills, tactics and strategies, they can also have a significant and positive effect on the lives of players off the field too, often times serving as role models and mentors.

Who Can Coach?

No Experience Necessary

A coach does not have to be a former or elite ultimate player. They can be anyone who wants to share their love of ultimate with others. Someone who can communicate and connect with people, create relationships built on trust and respect, and facilitate a positive learning environment. Parents, teachers, students, and even coaches of other sports make natural ultimate coaches. It’s simple enough to learn the basic rules of the game in order to introduce and teach it to beginners.

Why Requirements & Certification?

Athlete Safety, Education and Access

USA Ultimate’s CDP provides information and resources designed to make the coaching experience better for both coaches and athletes. Coaches receive athlete safety and protection training and learn about rules, ethics and Spirit of the Game. Certifications provide more specific instruction about coaching philosophies, athlete development, leadership and other technical aspects. In many cases, USA Ultimate requires coach qualifications to coach a team competing in a USA Ultimate sanctioned or championship event.