State-Based Organizations


Start-Up Grant Funding

Over your first three years as an SBO, you will receive $40,000 in start-up funding from USA Ultimate to help support and establish your organization.

Membership Rebates

You’ll receive a share of all membership dues paid by local members in your state or territory every year, with an opportunity to also earn growth bonuses.

Event Hosting Priority

SBOs get priority when submitting bids to host USA Ultimate championship events like the College Championships, National Championships, Triple Crown Tour events and more, creating opportunities for additional revenue generation and increased exposure in the community.



Support USA Ultimate’s mission and vision.

Provide unbiased service to local members, teams, events, affiliates, and partners, while representing USA Ultimate’s mission, vision, goals and core values.


Lead a well-governed, effective and sustainable organization.

Establish and maintain 501(c)3 status, develop and adopt organizational bylaws approved by USA Ultimate, establish and maintain a board of directors, and identify a trained SafeSport primary contact.


Grow the membership in your state.

Increase the number of members in your state each year, aiming to exceed the rate of growth nationally.

Interested in starting a state-based organization?



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State-Based Organizations

Organization Website Contact
California Ultimate Grant Boyd
Colorado Ultimate / Altitude Ultimate Mike Richards
Georgia Ultimate George Li
Illinois Ultimate Lynne Nolan
New England Ultimate Jonathan Levy
New York Ultimate / DiscNY Collin Bartoldus
North Carolina Ultimate Ken Randby
Ohio Ultimate Kevin Kula
Pennsylvania Ultimate Christie Lawry
Utah Ultimate Joe Strong


Will each state get its own state-based organization?

There will be a mix of organizations focused on single states as well as others focused on one or more contiguous states. Especially in states where population and membership numbers are too low to justify the resources allocated to a new organization, multi-state organizations will be incorporated.