How to Play


Grip the rim of the disc in the palm of your hand, with your thumb on top and your four fingers wrapped around the edge. Step across your body, feet shoulder-width apart, and point your throwing shoulder at your target.

Keep the disc flat, swing your arm toward your target and snap your wrist to release the disc.


Place your middle finger against the inside rim of the disc and spread your index finger out to make a V shape. Grip the top of the disc with your thumb. Extend your arm out to your side, with your elbow slightly bent.

Step out to the side with the same leg as your throwing hand. Snap your wrist, and release the disc toward your target.


Pancake Catch – Extend your arms forward, with one palm facing up and the other facing down. Clap your hands together around the middle of the disc while keeping your body directly behind it.

Crab Catch – Form claws with your thumbs down if the disc is above your shoulders and thumbs up if the disc is below your waist. Squeeze the rim of the disc with both hands to make the catch.

How to Play Ultimate

Learn more about the basics of ultimate with this short video.

Ultimate 101


The Field

Ultimate is played on a rectangular field 70 yards long and 40 yards wide, with end zones 20 yards deep.


Moving the Disc

You have 10 seconds to throw the disc to a teammate, moving in any direction. Running while you’re holding the disc is not allowed.



Pass the disc amongst your teammates until someone catches it in the defense’s end zone. Each goal is worth one point.



Ultimate is a non-contact sport. If a player initiates contact that affects play, a foul occurs.


Spirit of the Game

Ultimate is self-officiated – players call their own fouls and line calls and resolve their own disagreements. Spirit of the game is the foundation, placing responsibility for fair play on all the players.



The sport of ultimate broken down into the 10 basics.

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