Youth, College, Adult and Coach Memberships Discounted Through the End of the Year

Colorado Springs, Colo. (December 11, 2020)—With ultimate expected to return next year, 2021 USA Ultimate memberships are now available, including a few discounted options for youth, college, adult and coach levels.

Through December 31 members will receive a $10 discount on a two-year college, adult or coach membership. Through January 15, members can save $5 on a youth membership using the coupon code DECYOUTHSAVINGS.

To take advantage of these limited-time offers, log in to your online USA Ultimate member account and renew or purchase a membership. Use the coupon code DECYOUTHSAVINGS to receive the youth discount. Two-year adult, college and coach options are only available in December.  

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create an uncertain environment in the short term, positive news regarding vaccines, community feedback and recent discussions with the competition working group indicate that a return to play is likely to happen next spring or summer.

“It’s hard to describe how excited we are as we anticipate getting back to playing ultimate,” explained USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford. “While we will always prioritize the health and safety of our members above all else, with multiple vaccines on the horizon, it will only be a few months before we get rolling again and see athletes and teams back on the field, enjoying this amazing sport and community. I personally can’t wait to see the pure joy so many will experience when we return to play next year.”

USA Ultimate, along with its medical working group, is currently evaluating and revising its Return to Play guidelines and will continue to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of its members and the greater ultimate community when planning, organizing or sanctioning competitive opportunities for its members. Still, the opportunity to play ultimate is just one of many benefits and reasons to support USA Ultimate by purchasing an annual membership.

In an open letter to the ultimate community last spring, USA Ultimate leadership described the importance of membership dues and outlined some of the services, programs and initiatives they support, including:  

  • Providing safe spaces for our athletes to learn, develop and play through athlete safety programs like SafeSport, coach training and insurance for local events and leagues;
  • Helping to create a more inclusive and equitable community with a multitude of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives;
  • Creating education and training programs and materials for coaches, observers, organizers and tournament directors that support the growth of local playing opportunities;
  • Facilitating the growth of ultimate in a way that prioritizes equity with opportunities for youth and girls to learn and play;
  • Maintaining and enhancing competitive rules and Spirit of the Game;
  • Helping new organizations and teams with financial aid and equipment grants;
  • Funding for our state-based organizations and local affiliate disc organizations;
  • Developing and maintaining a new website, mobile app and technology platform;
  • Producing media coverage and creating positive visibility for ultimate;
  • Supporting a 16-person professional staff and nationwide network of dedicated and passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to create, implement and maintain these programs and the many events we organize.

None of these things are possible without the continued and collective support of our valued members. Please consider becoming a 2021 member today and save while simultaneously supporting the sport and community we love.