Colorado Springs, Colo. (September 9, 2021)—Two years after last updating the game’s ruleset, USA Ultimate is again seeking member feedback on proposed rule changes for the 2022-23 Official Rules of Ultimate.

The potential changes were developed after reviewing data from a survey issued to USA Ultimate members last spring along with input from staff and volunteers. As part of the overall revision process, proposed changes are then presented to the community for a period of 30 days to gather additional feedback.

Everyone is invited to provide their thoughts on the proposed rule changes by October 10.

Before providing input via the survey link below, respondents should first familiarize themselves with the changes by reviewing the resources below. (The Substantive Changes document outlines more significant updates, while the redlined version of the rules highlights all proposed edits.)

2022-23 Official Rules of Ultimate Resources


An outline of the more significant changes being proposed to the 2022-23 Official Rules of Ultimate.

Last Modified: 2021-09-09 17:38:46

A redlined version of the proposed 2022-23 Official Rules of Ultimate, highlighting all of the changes to the previous edition.

Last Modified: 2021-09-10 00:03:33