November 5, 2021 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)—USA Ultimate announced Thursday a revision to its 2021 College Guidelines, specifically Section VI under the Registration Guidelines, which states:

  • Rostered Participation – An athlete may only be on one roster. A team must set their roster prior to conferences. The conference championship roster is the final roster for the entire College Series. If an athlete is potentially participating in regionals or the College Championships, but is unavailable during the conference championships, they MUST still appear on the conference championship roster.

Despite these rostering instructions being publicly visible since April 22, along with a more specific and concise announcement drawing greater attention to the rule on the same date, as well as its inclusion in an instructional webinar offered by the competition department earlier this year, USA Ultimate recently learned of several instances in which schools were unaware of this clause.

In keeping with USA Ultimate’s philosophy of providing more flexibility and latitude with regards to eligibility, rostering and deadline extensions for a unique fall college series, the roster rules have been updated to allow for teams to add academically eligible players from its registrar-verified* roster who were left off their conference championship roster to their Regionals roster.

Teams will not be allowed to add players between Regionals and Nationals. (The Regionals roster should be a complete roster for each team for the rest of the Series. Even if individual players may not be attending Regionals, they should be included on the Regionals roster in order to be eligible for Nationals.

Affected teams competing at the first weekend of Regionals, Nov. 6-7, have been contacted directly and the 24-hour window to add additional players has closed.

Affected teams competing in the second and third weekend of Regionals** (Nov. 13-14, Nov. 20-21) will be contacted no later than Monday, November 8 with further instructions on how to add additional players to their rosters for Regionals.  

*Please note, players from registrar-verified rosters submitted to USA Ultimate after October 31 will not be accepted.

**Affected teams that have already qualified for D-III National Championships will be contacted as well.

To be eligible for addition to a roster for Regionals:

  •  The player(s) must already have academic eligibility in USA Ultimate’s system (i.e. be registrar-verified by their school)
  •  Have a valid 2021 USA Ultimate College membership.

 Players who do not meet the above criteria will not be considered.