Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 5, 2022)—USA Ultimate announced today the 208 athletes who were extended an invitation to try out for the U-24 National Team ahead of the 2023 WFDF World Under-24 Championships.

Of the nearly 400 applicants, team coaches and selection assistants pared the list down to the 104 men and 104 women who will compete for a spot on Team USA at one of two tryouts next month – a west tryout November 12-13 in San Diego, followed by an east tryout November 19-20 in Atlanta.

Following the tryouts, coaches will select a total of 72 players to represent the United States on either the mixed, open or women’s teams.

The 2023 edition of the U-24 World Championships will be the first since Team USA swept all three divisions in 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany. (The 2021 edition of the biennial tournament was cancelled due to lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The dates and location for the 2023 U-24 World Championships have not yet been announced.

Coaching Staff Update

Last week, USA Ultimate added a trio of Team USA veterans to the coaching staff. Sarah Griffith and Rohre Titcomb will serve as assistant coaches for the women’s squad and Sarah Meckstroth will complement the staff as a selection assistant. Together, they will assist head coach Nancy Sun in selecting and preparing the team to defend their 2019 world title.

The additions to the coaching staff follow the departure of assistant coaches Alex Snyder and Courtney Kiesow and selection assistant Anraya Palmer.

The three additions are no strangers to success at the international level. Griffith won back-to-back gold medals at the World Games in 2013 and 2017 while also adding world titles at the 2016 WFDF World Ultimate Championships (WUGC) in London and the 2014 and 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) as a member of Seattle Riot.

A longtime teammate of Griffith’s on Riot, Titcomb also won a gold medal in London as a member of the women’s team and played on the same gold-medal-winning squad at WUCC in 2014. Titcomb was also named as an assistant coach for Team USA for the 2020 edition of WUGC before it was cancelled and served on the coaching staff when Riot captured a WUCC title in 2018.

Meckstroth most recently won a gold medal at the 2022 World Games last summer in Birmingham, Ala. She is also a two-time WUGC gold medalist (2016, 2020), a two-time U-23 World Champion (2013, 2015) and three-time National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015) as a member of Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust.

The coaching staff for the open and mixed teams remains unchanged from when it was announced in 2020. The open team will be led by head coach Bob Krier with support from assistant coaches Darryl Stanley and Hector Valdivia and selection assistant David Allison.

Patrick Sherlock will lead the mixed squad as head coach. Lauren Boyle and Hannah Baranes are assistant coaches and Isaiah Bryant serves as a selection assistant.

West Tryout Men

Name College
Marc Anthony Munoz
Benjamin Ashton Utah Valley
Corbin Atack Whitman
Matthew Barcellos UCLA
Aaron Barcio Texas
Aaron Bartlett Michigan
William Brandt St. Olaf
Chackgarin ‘Jack’ Brown Washington
Calvin Brown Cal Poly-SLO
Nathan Buchholz Colorado
Matthew Chambers Texas
Itay Chang Oregon
Lucas Coniaris Indiana
Jacob Cowan Grinnell
Simon Covington Stanford
Andrew Cullen Baker Carleton
Kostas Elias Artemakis Illinois
Mica Glass Oregon
Assaf Golan Washington
Lincoln Grench Colorado College
Noah Hanson Carleton
Jeremy Keusch Indiana
Riley Kirkman-Davis UCLA
Kenrick Koo Cal Poly-SLO
Michael Korte Walsh Carleton
Paul Krenik Minnesota
Daniel Landesman Colorado
Gordon Larson St. Olaf
Martin Le Washington
Aylen Learned Colorado
Evan Magsig California
Ke’ali McCarter Oregon
Declan Miller Carleton
Felix Moren Oregon State
Anthony Mounga Utah State
Alex Nelson Cal Poly-SLO
Gabriel Nobis Oregon
Saaketh Palchuru Texas
Nickolas Pappas Missouri
Nicolas Ranabhat Wisconsin
Seamus Robinson Cal Poly-SLO
Theo Shapinsky Michigan
Zachary Slayton Texas
Jordan Smith Washington
Leo Sovell-Fernandez Middlebury
Calvin Stoughton Colorado
Jake Thorne Cal Poly-SLO
Eli Weaver Michigan
Seth Wells Colorado
Jacob Wham Wisconsin
Marshall Wildmann UCLA
Chad Yorgason BYU

West Tryout Women

Name College
Mary Andrews Colorado College
Grace Alston Dartmouth
Tanya Bearson UCLA
Laura Blume UC-Santa Barbara
Grace Brown Colorado State
Nicole Chan Washington
Rachel Chang
Marin Cohan Western Washington
Margo Donahue UC-Davis
Bethany Eldridge Vermont
Esther Filipek Stanford
Stacy Gaskill Colorado
Chagall Gelfand
Abigail Gillach Colorado
Lauren Goddu
Victoria Gray Carleton College
Acacia Hahn Western Washington
Chloe Hakimi
Denika Hallin UC-San Diego
Ava Hanna UC-San Diego
Lauren Hanna UC-San Diego
Sophie Havranek Occidental
Lisa Hansen Iowa State
Julia Hasbrook UC-Santa Barbara
Abigail Hecko Washington
Hannah Huddleston Stanford
Yu Ishii UC-Santa Barbara
Adeleen Khem UC-Santa Cruz
Aria Kischner Carleton
Vienna Lee UC-Santa Barbara
Jessica Luu Washington University
Michiko Magnant St. Martin’s
Eliana Norton Oregon
Sophia Palmer Washington
Madeline Paskett BYU
Clil Phillips Colorado
Stephanie Phillips Washington
Devin Quinn UC-Santa Barbara
Anika Quon Stanford
Grette Schmidt St Olaf
Rani Shah UC-Davis
Bailey Shigley Colorado
Abigail Shilts UC-San Diego
Emma Smith UC-San Diego
Charlotte Sue UC-San Diego
Allyn Suzuki UC-Davis
Briana Taylor Texas
Laura To Bellevue
Jaclyn Wataoka Portland
Elsa Weybright Oregon
Elsa Winslow UC-Santa Barbara
Stephanie Yen UCLA

East Tryout Men

Name College
Axel Agami Contreras Ohio State
Turner Allen Vermont
Michael Arbutine Florida
Hayden Austin-Knab Georgia
Ethan Baughman Tennessee
Peter Boerth Northeastern
Erica Brown
Orion Cable UMass
Calvin Coulbury McGill
Benjamin Dameron North Carolina
Cole Davis-Brand Champlain
Louis Douville Beaudoin Middlebury
Aidan Downey Georgia
Frederick Farah Maryland
Francisco Fernandez Harvard
Oscar Graff Tufts
Luca Harwood UMass
Dylan Hawkins North Carolina
Scott Heyman Pittsburgh
Collin Hill Berry
Henry Ing Pittsburgh
Isaac Jeehoon Lee
Wyatt Kellman UMass
Declan Kervick Vermont
Peter Kotz Pittsburgh
Matthew LaBar James Madison
Langston Lee William & Mary
Nathan Little Temple
Suhas Madiraju North Carolina State
Ian McCosky Minnesota
Matthew McKnight North Carolina
Adam Miller Georgia
Alexander Merriman
Cole Moore Maine
Jacques Nissen Brown
Nicholas Parker Smith Auburn
Kevin Pignone North Carolina
Kuochuan Ponzio Vermont
Lucas Reichert William & Mary
Bailey Roberts North Carolina
Elliott Rosenberg Brown
Aaron Rosenthal Dartmouth
Johnny Sickles Vermont
Jonathan Sillivant Alabama-Huntsville
Benjamin Simmons North Carolina-Charlotte
Zachary Singer Tufts
Joshua Singleton North Carolina
Brett Smith North Carolina
Leo Tamagawa Gordon Brown
Alexander Wilcox Duke
Tristan Yarter Pittsburgh
Albert Yuan Duke

East Tryout Women

Name College
Claire Babbott-Bryan Middlebury
Lylah Bannister Vermont
Mia Beeman-Weber Carleton
Erica Birdsong North Carolina
Liana Bradley Colorado
Emma Chin Carleton
Sophie Chowgule St. Andrews
Cordelia Collinson Florida
Grace Conerly North Carolina
Ellen Cubrilovic North Carolina State
Dawn Culton North Carolina
Britney DeRoehn Northeastern
Layne Dodge Drexel
Marguerite Downey Mount Holyoke
Alyssa Ehrhardt Carleton
Gabriella Enders Thomas More
Katherine Eo NYU
Rita Feder Brown
Kira Flores Virginia
Elise Freedman Northeastern
Marina Godley-Fisher Vermont
Olivia Goss Tufts
Wilhelmina Graff Yale
Emily Kemp Tufts
Samantha Li Emory
Sara Liang Carnegie Mellon
Kailyn Lowder North Carolina
Sydney Mannion Virginia
Alexandra Marie Evans North Carolina
Kennedy McCarthy Vermont
Katrina McGuire Michigan
Annalise Meilink Grand Valley State
Sara Mog Alabama-Huntsville
Hazel Ostrowski Tufts
Marie Perivier Georgia
Emily Pozzy Vermont
Corinna C. Rhum Williams
Tayara Romero Syracuse
Madalyn Simko Grand Valley State
Olivia Steinberg Penn State
Clara Stewart Northeastern
Caroline Stone Vermont
Jocelyn Sun Chicago
Caroline Tornquist Dartmouth
Sarah VonDoepp Vermont
Sophia Wang NYU
Mia Wieben Wisconsin
Keziah Wilde Middlebury
Emma Williamson Colorado
Lia Yamamoto Schwartz Tufts
Claire Yeager Schmitt Chicago
Theresa Yu North Carolina