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Accuracy Ladder

With three attempts to hit your target and move on, how far can you get?

Alligator Spins

How many catches can you make after a 360-degree spin in 30 seconds?


How fast can you sprint, shuffle and backpedal through the compass?

Cone Race

How fast can you run through the “W” and tag all the cones?

Disc Spin

How long can you spin the disc on your finger?

Figure 8s

How many catches can you make while running in one minute?

Flip Toss

How many flips can you make in one minute?


How many discs can you sink in a basket?

Throw for Distance: Backhand

How far can you throw a backand?

Throw for Distance: Forehand

How far can you throw a forehand?

Throw, Run, Catch

What’s the maximum distance you can catch your own throw?

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