Conduct Standards and Expectations

Code of Conduct

USA Ultimate is committed to creating spaces that are safe, inclusive, diverse and equitable.

To help ensure safe spaces, all members and prospective members are expected to abide by the standards of behavior outlined in the code of conduct through its five main tenets.

Members are expected to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment for all members of the community,
  • Treat others with respect on the field of play, abiding by the rules, and conduct themselves in a safe manner,
  • Actively work to maintain the health and safety of other members of the community,
  • Be truthful and respectful in dealings with USA Ultimate, including staff, board and volunteers, and
  • Abide by all laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where their events are held.

Event Disciplinary Authority Guidelines

Local organizers and authorities have the ability and responsibility to make appropriate decisions during events.

Tournament directors, observers, sectional or regional coordinators and other authorities may impose some penalties for violations of the code of conduct, if necessary, during USA Ultimate events. They may impose penalties, within applicable guidelines for behavior including, but not limited to:

  • Intentional physical assault,
  • Instances of discrimination or harassment, or
  • Violations of competition rules.

Members who are subject to a sanction may appeal the decision immediately to the event authority, to a higher-level authority or to the judicial committee, depending on the circumstances of the decision.

Judicial Process

The judicial process helps uphold the standards of behavior outlined in the code of conduct.

A report of misconduct can be filed with the judicial committee, which oversees the process. The committee will review the complaint and determine if a panel should be formed to continue the judicial process. The decision is then communicated to all parties.

If the complaint proceeds, the process can include collection of evidence, interviewing of witnesses and a hearing between the parties.

The panel will determine the result, including any disciplinary action taken. If membership or coaching suspensions are imposed, they are posted on USA Ultimate’s website.

Decisions may be appealed through an arbitration process, outlined in the USA Ultimate bylaws.