June 1, 2020

USA Ultimate strongly condemns all forms of racism, oppression, bigotry and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with Black members of our community and those around the country who have been tragically affected by these heinous and egregious acts of violence and harassment.

The senseless, anti-black acts of injustice and cruelty that continue to plague our society, including those most recently committed against George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Christian Cooper, Breonna Taylor and many others, are reprehensible and should persuade us all to use our voice to inspire change.

As leaders for the sport of ultimate, we call on our community to acknowledge the privilege that allows us all to access and experience the joy of ultimate. Please join us as we proudly continue our efforts to make our sport and the world around us more equitable, diverse and inclusive, and do our part to help eradicate intolerance and promote a welcoming and respectful environment that celebrates the inherent value in everyone.