Sanctioning your league with USA Ultimate provides insurance coverage for your event and its participants, including certificates of insurance for your local partners, when needed.

Calendar and Roster Management

List your league on the USA Ultimate event calendar, and include all your league’s information on the event page. Plus, manage all rostering requirements online.

USA Ultimate Staff Support

Questions about running your league, policies, etc.? You’ll have direct access to USA Ultimate staff who can help.




Complete the sanctioning application, including all relevant information about your event.



Pay the appropriate sanctioning fee via PayPal, and include the transaction number in your application.



All league participants must have current USA Ultimate memberships and signed waivers and must be included on the event roster to participate in sanctioned events.


Health & Safety

All sanctioned events are required to follow USA Ultimate’s health, safety and liability requirements.


Provisions & Amenities

All sanctioned events must adhere to USA Ultimate’s provisions and amenities requirements, including items such as space between fields and an adequate water source.


Event Organizer Requirements

Sanctioned league managers must be at least 18 years of age, have current USA Ultimate memberships and SafeSport training.


Sanction Your League

Apply now to sanction your league with USA Ultimate.



Event organizers must agree to this sanctioning agreement and contract prior to running an event.

Last Modified: 2024-02-13 17:36:43

Event organizers must agree to abide by these sanctioning terms and conditions.

Last Modified: 2020-12-11 20:05:44

Summary of the USA Ultimate general liability insurance policy that covers sanctioned events.

Last Modified: 2024-03-15 18:14:08

Use this form to report an accident and file a claim for an incident that occurred at a sanctioned event.


Health and safety requirements for all USA Ultimate sanctioned events.

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Template for event organizers to complete with their medical and inclement weather plan before events.

Last Modified: 2021-03-17 22:53:11

Database of field complexes across the country, designed to help event organizers.


What constitutes an “event?”

An event is a single ultimate activity or program that runs for a specified amount of time and has a single registration. Both a weekend-long tournament and a league that takes place between March and June would be considered a single event.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers all rostered players, coaches and chaperones with current memberships and signed waivers. You can request an insurance certificate for additional insured parties such as field sites. USA Ultimate offers player accident insurance for any player who acquires medical bills from an injury that occurred at a sanctioned event.

USA Ultimate will insure events that last up to six months within one calendar year. After six months, you can renew your sanctioning insurance.

Check out the insurance summary page for specific coverage details.

When are single event memberships valid?

Single event memberships are for recreational events only, including recreation tournaments, leagues, pick-up, practices, clinics and camps.